La miniatura geométrica también es arte: Jon Almeda.

Earlier today Eric @tortus_copenhagen tagged me in a photo of a miniature piece he made. Very different then the large beautiful forms he is known for. His post inspired me to bust back out the other way. It has been a long time since I have made anything larger then a couple of inches tall.  Make sure to head over to his account to check out his amazing pottery and beautiful photographs.  Eric also started a hashtag #myunika that is certainly worth a look.Mulligan

Testing out some new #porcelain. Still unfired in the #greenware stage.

Lidded #greenware

La miniatura también es arte. Jon Almeda crea cerámica en miniatura. La meticulosidad en su ejecución, es asemejable a un relojero, y, como hemos dicho por aquí en multitud de ocasiones, también un matemático. Un creador de  precisión, formando objetos geométricos inverosímiles. No es solo un artesano, es un creador: un artista. AMJ


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